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Aysata Image Consulting is a styling, lifestyle, well-being services & beauty treatments looking after the most discerning clients in Monaco, Cannes and Milan.
We offer image consultancy and beauty treatments solutions but also advise to give the best of you to ensure all our clients look and feel their best even with a busy work and social schedule.


Our Services

Let Aysata Personal consultant take care of all your luxury styling requirements with our expert team of image professionals.
Contact Aysata Personal Shopper today!
For all your top quality styling , beauty and personal coach needs all ivre the world face to face or online.

Today, how you look and feel is key to social and business success. From what you wear on the outside, to how much energy you have to give from the inside, getting the balance in harmony is essential.
For many of us, our busy work and home lives mean we just do not have the time to keep up with ever-changing fashions, new trends, or to shop around for the latest outfit or chic place to hang-out. And also thé way, we organise our schedule, planning and so on. How to perfectly combine all our lives without feeling completly lost.
Aysata Image Consulting makes life easy for you and maximizes your time. We offer a range of highly evolved professional services that include:

  • Personal shopping
  • Face-to-face or online styling consultancy services
  • Revealing the looks that are right for you
  • Professional wardrobe management
  • Providing bespoke styling tips to look your best at all times
  • Empowering your process of work and thinking in order to break all your limitations.
  • Feel confident and dare to be out your confort zone in order to grow.
  • Massage and beauty treatments to ensure you’re always brimming with vitality.

We serve international clients in and around Monaco or all ivre the world online and have a range of high-end personal services, tailored to fit your needs and when you need them most.
Our multi-lingual staff communicate with customers in French, English and Italian language and are trained in the highest level of service and discretion. We are highly experienced in fashion, styling, personal shopping and client management.
Contact Aysata Personal consultant today and discover the ultimate solution for all your styling, well-being and lifestyle hacks needs.

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13005 Greenville Avenue,
California, TX 70240

+33 652365900


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