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Know what outfit or look you want but don’t have the time to shop? Need a new outfit for a big event and don’t know where to start looking? Aysata Personal Shopper can help. Our Personal Shoppers will work with you – online or offline – to understand your desires, offer fashion and styling tips and provide an efficient, trustworthy luxury personal shopper experience like no other. Our personal shoppers source the best from Monaco, Cannes and Milan.

Wardrobe management

Knowing how to look after your wardrobe doesn’t just mean finding you more space to hang your clothes. We conduct a comprehensive inventory of all that you own and, once we’ve better organized your clothing area, we begin helping you ensure the clothes you own, stay in top condition longer and you get more wear and value with them. This not only means you have more outfits to choose from and need to buy less, but we can save you thousands and even remove the hassle of having to buy new outfits.
081 2013 KaidiPhotography Art of an Eye

Styling advice

Having the right outfit does not guarantee you will look the best you can. Aysata Personal Shopper offer consultancy on how to enhance your morphology, how to accessorize, what shoes will complement a difficult dress, tailoring advice, how to style your hair and what make-up is right for you. And discover also the best colors to sublimate you with the colometry. Most importantly, we’ll show you how to enjoy and feel more confident with what you wear.

Fashion style parties

We arrange private parties for you and up to 10 friends to meet, converse and exchange style ideas and even actual pieces of your wardrobe. These informal but fun day or evening events can be at your home or a venue of our choosing. We also supply a masseur to provide a 10 minute seated massage for you and each of your guests.

Beauty services
We genuinely care about our customers so we always provide beauty treatment to make you be more beautiful, your wellness is our main concern. As we care about your allure and your look, we help you to perfect your style by beauty treatments that you will rehance your image.

  • Waxing,
  • Manucure & pedicure
  • Treatment face
  • Massage ( californian, Hot stone , Deep Tissu )

Become the best version of yourself
We genuinely believe that everyone should be at one best, to feel confident and strong.💪💪💪
For this purpose you need to trust yourself, feel at your best and free yourself from negative thoughts and find the right way to discipline yourself, achieve every dream, empowering yourself & reaching your goal.

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